Local Roots – National Resources

TalentTeam was founded in 1977 along with our direct hire sister company, Professional Recruiters. For nearly 40 years, we’ve been committed to providing exceptional service to companies and job seekers throughout Salt Lake City and the surrounding communities.

But great service is not all we offer. By matching the right people to the right jobs, and providing on-demand access to talent, we help our clients develop more productive work groups—and we help job seekers find more rewarding employment.

Because of our high ethical standards and long history of success, TalentTeam has an unlimited ability to fund payrolls for creditworthy clients.

We focus on productivity first. Insufficient focus on outstanding work group quality leads to turnover, lack of productivity, bad work environments, increased workplace risks, increased management time drains, and other outcomes that are not cost-effective for our clients.

We are unique, nontraditional and exclusive.  We are unlike your current staffing partner.  We are focused on risk control, meeting your production expectations, and increasing your profit. Our systems are built to accommodate the demands of today’s HR executives.

  • Full-time human resources and legal support
  • Complete I-9 compliance and worker screening systems
  • Sophisticated risk control systems
  • Increased productivity
  • More stable and consistent staff
  • Dependable headcount and fill rates
  • Built-in flexibility
  • Immediate response to changing needs
  • Controlled labor costs

Our staffing and recruiting professionals are highly skilled and highly trained. We have a thorough understanding of the local labor market; know how to select the best available candidates and how to ensure delivery of the people your business requires when you need them.

We employ the most advanced technology in the staffing industry to provide the information you need, when you need it. Our custom-designed, Internet-capable time control systems with prompt and clear invoicing, keep your staffing relationship deeply accountable with a minimum of management time.

We invest more time to get to understand your needs. Our client relationships are built to last for years. Prior to starting any engagement, we invest the time and effort necessary to understand your business, your priorities, and your workplace. By making this investment, we are able to consistently refer the most productive employees.

We offer creative solutions and high-level involvement. When you work with TalentTeam, you’ll have the cell phone number for the president of the company. You’ll get immediate decisions, creative approaches, and no cumbersome management layers. And when your managers call to inquire about recruiting needs or service elements like payroll or billing, you’ll receive an immediate response and superior service.