The staffing environment is changing.  Are you?

Hiring and managing your staff is more difficult than ever.  The legal environment presents more risk than ever before, lean and flexible production demands require a nimble headcount, and employees with a reasonable work ethic are not easy to find.

TalentTeam was built to address these market challenges.  We are not like the other staffing firms you have encountered.  We develop and deliver non-traditional solutions, tailored to solve specific problems and ultimately deliver more profit.

Some questions to consider:

  • Do you have a strategy designed to make sure your fill rate is 100 percent?
  • Are you really still paying conversion fees on any employees?
  • Who is competing with you for employees?  Could it be your staffing partner?
  • Who is the TPA working for your current staffing partner and what is their strategy to reduce your exposure to subsequent unfair employment practice claims?
  • Does your staffing partner call another city to get a decision on important issues?
  • Are you satisfied with the level of transparency and access provided by your timekeeping system?
  • Would you benefit from a workforce that is more fully oriented before the first day of work?
  • Is turnover a problem?  How much profit can you recapture by reducing it?
  • Does your current staffing partner market your opportunities with pictures and videos on their website?
  • How does your staffing partner’s relational database system support your production outcomes?
  • Are the recruiters and on-site representatives managing your workgroup “A”-quality people who can recognize other “A”-quality people?

Why TalentTeam?

We have the unique capacity to improve your profit and manage your employment risks through nontraditional and exclusive staffing strategies. Challenge us to show you why we’re different.

TalentTeam provides more than headcount

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