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Get local control and national horsepower.

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People 2.0 is a national network of staffing companies established to give independent staffing and recruiting agencies the same resources available to the largest national and international staffing firms.

The affiliation between TalentTeam and People 2.0 provides our clients with important benefits:

  • A clear and monitored commitment to the highest ethical and professional standards and outstanding customer service.
  • Fully implemented and audited hiring and operating procedures, in compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations.
  • Professionally managed and financially sound business practices ensuring that all service commitments are continually met.
  • Superior information systems including software and procedures designed to manage unique, custom, and high-volume projects.
  • Regulatory compliance is assured as the People 2.0 Support Center reviews all HR, tax, and regulatory compliance matters.
  • Professional safety and risk management department staffed by experienced and skilled managers.
  • Administrative support managing back office functions, freeing our staff and management team to focus on delivering high-quality and highly productive work groups to our clients.

Best of Both Worlds

The local capabilities of TalentTeam, combined with the national leverage of People 2.0, provide our clients with the best of both worlds—the strong, dedicated local customer service you expect, and the expanded recruiting agency capabilities and support you need. You’ll get a staffing partner that is well funded, can grow without limitation, and is able to meet the financial demands of even the largest staffing projects.

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