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Unique Employee Solutions

Staffing partners come to an agreement with business owner

TalentTeam doesn’t necessarily cater to every company seeking a staffing provider. Our solutions are unique, exclusive, and non-traditional. We value quality over quantity, which is why we are looking for a limited number of the right partners. Our model is no better than traditional solutions unless we deploy it carefully. Partners talk to each other openly and honestly, value each other, and work together to increase opportunities for both parties.

Does this describe you?

Personalized Customer Service

Hiring and managing work groups within your business is more difficult than ever. The legal environment presents more risk than ever before, lean and flexible production demands require a nimble headcount, and employees with a reasonable work ethic seem scarce. You need real-world employee solutions.

We go beyond simply filling orders. We assign a highly trained recruiter to you as a single point of contact. You won’t have to wonder who is responsible for your staffing or where to place the accountability. We want to truly understand your human resources strategy, which means we first need to understand the demands of your work. We’ll put on a smock or sit at your workstation until we completely understand your staffing needs. Anybody can send over a “temp,” but we’re not just anybody. We’re your partners. And partners know and care about each other.

Dedicated Staffing Solutions

Staffing partners know and care about their clients

The president of our company is highly involved in day-to-day management. He meets every customer and his cell phone number is on his business card. He is readily available and easy to reach. Since our work involves hiring and managing large numbers of people, human resources problems do sometimes arise.

Would you benefit from working with a staffing partner whose president can be in your office this afternoon?

Can you see why our relationships evolve into very close working partnerships?

We are infrequently the lowest cost option, but we are often the highest profit option. Developing highly effective employee solutions requires not just a close working relationship, but a partnership.

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If you’d like to escape the limitations of a vendor and explore the benefits of a partner, we’d like to talk. Our Salt Lake City hiring agency is ready to help.

TalentTeam provides more than headcount.

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