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Good Workers are Hard to Find

Is your facility experiencing negative productivity and profitability pressures due to staffing challenges? Unemployment in Utah is low. Unemployment in the entry-level groups that are the backbone of manufacturing, call centers, and distribution is even lower.

The resulting unsatisfactory fill rates and less productive work groups take a toll on production goals and profits. Accidents increase, legal challenges to company employment practices increase, costs increase, and staffing strategies that have worked for years are suddenly inadequate.

You Need Better Talent Acquisition Strategies

TalentTeam is a Utah staffing agency with more than 40 years of success in providing our clients with a strong workforce. Our solutions carry a full suite of capabilities, including innovative talent sourcing, exceptional risk management systems, effective techniques to reduce or eliminate underfill, robust databases with world-class timekeeping and reporting functions, and exceptional levels of service.

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We use unique, exclusive and nontraditional workforce solutions and strategies to help our clients reduce risk and increase profit. Our team provides valuable insights and recommendations to our clients for attracting and retaining the best talent for their workforce.

If that’s not enough, each client is given the cell phone number of the president of the company to ensure immediate decisions without cumbersome management layers. That’s how TalentTeam puts our clients first.

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Salt Lake City talent agencies need to have a strong understanding of their local labor market. In the Salt Lake City area, there are many job openings in various industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, and call centers. TalentTeam’s Utah staffing agency has a large and diverse candidate pool to draw from.

We care about not just finding the right candidate, but the right fit in our client’s work environment. Moreover, TalentTeam goes beyond providing a headcount. We offer comprehensive human resources, complete I-9 compliance, worker screening systems, risk management systems, and robust databases with world-class timekeeping and reporting functions.

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Book a 30-minute zoom call with a TalentTeam strategy expert.
Ask us to explain why it’s about more than headcount.
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