Avoiding a Toxic Work Environment in Salt Lake City Call Centers

Without dependable call center recruiting strategies, the resulting unpleasant work environment can be unfortunate for employees and employers alike. When toxicity exists, it can be in the form of bullying, harassment, micromanagement, or a large amount of disrespect and distrust within the company. The negative consequence of such an environment often means a large amount of employee turnover which can be costly and stressful for your company.

Recognizing a Toxic Work Environment

To understand how a company can avoid a negative working environment, first, we need to examine the types of toxicity workers may become exposed to. Toxic working environments may include any or all of the following issues:

  • Bullying and harassment – When employees are bullied by coworkers or even by management, distrust forms, and employees will struggle with anxiety and stress.
  • Lack of support – Employees need to feel they have the tools they need to perform their tasks safely, efficiently, and without worry. Therefore, they need to be provided with the right support, information, and training.
  • Bad communication – If there are miscommunications or a lack of communication in general, companies and employees will struggle and this can lead to high employee turnover.
  • Micromanagement – Teams must feel like they’re trusted to do their work. If they are micromanaged, not only is the manager not completing their work in a timely manner, but the other employees will not want to continue in their roles.

Avoid Toxic Work Environments

In order to avoid situations where employees and their managers aren’t getting along, things are spiraling out of control, and employees are leaving, start with the employees you hire and how you find them. Substandard employees can lead to costly employee turnover, lost productivity, and negative impacts on company culture. However, this can lead to costly employee turnover and dissatisfaction within the role.

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The best way to avoid a toxic work environment and high employee turnover is to work with a commercial staffing agency that employs the best strategies to place employees. TalentTeam is a leading recruitment agency specializing in finding the right talent for various industries, including call centers. Our approach includes key strategies to find the right employees for their positions. We do this through several call center recruiting strategies, including the following:

  • Job Descriptions – We make our job descriptions detailed and tailored for call center employees. We don’t just want anyone; we want the right person for your business in the Salt Lake City area.
  • Assessments – We assess employees to ensure they’re the right fit for your company and its culture, plus we ensure they have the right skills to do what’s required of them.
  • Interviews – Our interview process is a crucial piece of our strategy as it allows us to know if a person is the right fit for your company, will last a long time, and how to keep them motivated.
  • Onboarding and Training – A thorough onboarding and training program is essential to avoid a toxic working environment because it ensures every employee knows their role and expectations. This is why it is a crucial part of our success.
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TalentTeam Can Help with Your Employment Needs

Working with TalentTeam means your Salt Lake City area business will get the team it needs through our rigorous call center recruiting strategies. By properly vetting and interviewing the employees before we send them on to you, you can rest assured the employees will not just perform their tasks to the best of their abilities, but also will not create or lead to a toxic work environment.

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