The Wall

Those who buy a drill, it is said, are not interested in a drill.  They are in need of a hole.  Given this perspective, what is the purpose of your business?  If you really drill into this question (pun intended) don’t you eventually identify profit as the reason for the existence of the business?  Without… Read More »

Of Moats, Knights and Knaves

A thousand years ago a plant manager would protect his facility from dragons and black knights with a well-constructed castle, knights in shining armor, faithful steeds, and a wide moat.   Our 11th century manager would be exposed to familiar headlines: Pestilence, war, natural disasters, and Lord Trump somehow getting lost in the forest in the… Read More »

The Value of “Partnership”

Employees, especially those who are unskilled and working for modest wages, have a view of their jobs that departs radically from the attitudes of previous generations. Baby boomers are more inclined to see inherent value in showing up on time, working to complete the assigned task, and advancing the ball on behalf of the company.… Read More »

Workplace Diversity: What’s the Big Deal?

You run postings for your open positions.  They are posted on your web site.  You offer a referral bonus.  Surely everyone, regardless of nationality and gender, knows you’re hiring!  You have some people on staff who aren’t from this country.  What’s the big deal?!! Utah has a remarkable history of welcoming those from other cultures. … Read More »